'FUUT' is a concept developed in 2018 by three students from Eindhoven. It's a nightlife concept in which creativity, positivity and uplifting vibes are the main values. Every edition, FUUT looks for something new by integrating different kinds of arts. In this way the party continues to surprise.​ For more info about FUUT, click here.
In 2019, I first worked together with FUUT, by making them an animated promotional video for one of their events:
Concept Art:
Later that same year, I worked together with Saso Arts (Thijs Dickhoff) to create a custom piece of art in front of a live audience during another FUUT event:
In 2020 I collaborated with FUUT once again, to create animated visuals which were to be played on a big screen behind the DJ during another event of theirs:
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