Hello! My name is Niek Hendrik Grootendorst. I am a motion designer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. 
My favorite way to express my thoughts and stories is through fictional characters. I’ve always loved designing all different kinds of characters, representing a wide range of personalities, emotions and general roles in society. 
Before I studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy, these characters would be motionless. Studying animation and learning about the different animation principles, has allowed me to breathe life into my characters. They are no longer restricted to a single pose or emotion, but are now allowed to be as transformative and dynamic as I need them to be. 
Because of my everlasting love for drawing by hand, I quickly gravitated towards 2D frame-by-frame animation. Using this technique gives me a sense of freedom and expressiveness for creating my animations.
On this website you will find many examples of my work. Please take a look around and enjoy.
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