'MIND THE GAP' is a 2D animated short film, about a boy travelling with public transport in a surreal and decayed version of London. The boy is highly sensitive to his surroundings and also extremely empathic. To filter his emotions and the emotions of others, he makes use of a small stress ball. However, he cannot rely on it forever. 
MIND THE GAP is my graduation film, which I created together with Mireille Kiesewetter. We received funding from Stichting Droom en Daad, for us to be able to complete our film. It also got selected by the Netherlands Film Festival 2021, as part of the student competition program.
Character Art: Niek Hendrik
Lead Animator: Niek Hendrik
Script: Mireille Kiesewetter
Storyboard: Mireille Kiesewetter
Backgrounds: Mireille Kiesewetter, José Santana Boogerman
SFX Animation: Mireille Kiesewetter
Music: Wes Grootendorst
Sound Design: DETA (Douwe Terpstra), Niek Hendrik
Voice-acting: Frank van Zanten, Nephthali Kidimbu
Poster: Leja Kancerevyciute
Concept Art:
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